Slimebag Gets What's Coming To Her

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Elisa was just hanging out in the 'powder room', writing a text to a friend, when she noticed a purse sitting by itself and just waiting to be stolen! Unfortunately for this little thief, though, she discovers the purse is full of jizz, and once her hands are creamed up a gloryhole in the wall across from her pops out a cock and starts squirting her down in spunk! If this is supposed to be some sort of punishment for 'slimebag' Elisa it's not working, because this little freak gets right into the SlimeWave game, loving the feel of cum splattering all over and pounding that gloryhole, getting naked and totally spunk covered and satisfied by the end of this baby!

Runtime13 minutes
ResolutionFull HD 1080p
File formatmp4
File size646 MB
Picture count78
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movie English